Tuesday, November 6, 2007

[macro photography]

I love macro photography! I'm so fascinated with the close up shots of small things, it's like looking at the object or things in different perspective. Then I found this ├╝ber cool blog taking macro shots using a point-and-shoot [digital camera]. I got inspired so I decided to take a leap into the magical world of macro photography. Here is my first (not actually first) shot that i'm proud to share with you LOL!
(click on the picture if you want a closer look)


jams o donnell said...

What a lovely photo. Mine's up too. Happy WW

Angela said...

Ettey, I've never been over here before. Such beautiful photos. Love them all!

Jaxon S said...

hey, thanks for mention. love your photos. and welcome to the fascinating world of macro photography...

Yen said...

Great macro shot! :) Mines up as well..

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Macro photography can be addictive. It is actually easier to shot macros with a good point and shoot camera as the minimum focusing distances are much closer than a DSLR unless you are using some very expensive lenses.

You did well with this shot.

Happy WW!

Anonymous said...

I have always been interested in macro as well! Your initial effort is great, I will look forward to keeping track of your projects and maybe getting some tips from you.

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Sandy Carlson said...

You do stunning work! I love the flower and the clouds. Your images set me to dreaming...Happy WW!

ellen b said...

Nice photograph. Have a great Tuesday...

Katya said...

Yes, Ettey, you are so right about macro...it opens up the world in a whole new perspective. Things we would most likely never see suddenly become alive! Excellent photo!

giles said...

wonderful find for today's entry!

happy ww!

Joyismygoal said...

tes nice macro and i love the memories that blow through my mind when i see dandelions

Nancy Brown said...

FIrst time viewer and I LOVED It!!!

happy ww.. you made me smile


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