Saturday, December 8, 2007

[photohunt: long]

San Juanico Bridge. Stretching from Samar to Leyte crossing the San Juanico Strait, the longest bridge in the country with the length of 2.16 kms. Connecting Tacloban City on the Leyte side and Santa Rita town on the Samar side, it offers many picturesque views, especially of the San Juanico Strait with its thousand whirlpools as well as the islets of the province. It is approximately 10 minutes from downtown Tacloban City and is accessible by passenger jeepney, bus, motorcab or private vehicle.

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Valarie said...

Wow. That is a LONG bridge. Happy hunting.

Carver said...

That is a long bridge and a very lovely photograph. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

A long and curvy bridge for sure. Great photo and have a good weekend.

maiylah said...

been ages since I've been there!!! I do remember the little swirls on the water ... scared me! lol.

happy weekend!
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ipanema said...

that is really a looong bridge! great snap!

happy weekend! :)

pelfy said...

Whoa! That's curvy. I wonder how fast I can drive on the bridge (= geeheehe (=

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Wow, that is surely some bridge I would like to drive (or walk) across. Beautiful surroundings, I bet.

Natalie said...

What a cool bridge! :)

My LONG picture is up too! Come check it out if you get a chance! :)

Katney said...

As long as it is, I think that that bridge is low enough that I could cross it with my eyes open msot of the way. I still should not be the driver, though.

Jaxon S said...

I'd surely cross that bridge when I come to it..;-)

Xixi said...

Happy New Year! :)


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