Tuesday, May 20, 2008


**totally unrelated note**

anyone here know how to install new themes on wordpress? would you be kind enuf to teach me how to do it?

i have other entry here

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sarap!!!!!!!!!happy ww! mine is up too..

Ladynred said...

That is really beautiful shot!
Home and Garden

Anonymous said...

Ettey, installing wordpress themes?
But you're currently on blogspot.

If on WP, you're free to use the free ones available. If not you'll have to pay in order to have full access to editthe template.

shubd said...

I really like your pictures for their colors , themes and their unusual angles .

Lovely pic :)

Yen said...

Looks nice! Love the red in the yellow!

Yen said...

Re: Blue pic. Yup. still in bora! I'm still in Vacation mode! lol

SandyCarlson said...

You have captured a miracle here. Gorgeous.

Sue said...

Beautiful shot! Love the vibrant colours :) Happy WW

Juliana RW said...

nice shot

Hope you visit mine too Thanks

ellen b said...

Nice shot. I like the colors...

the teach said...

ettey, sign into wordpress. Fo to your dashboard. Click on "design," then click on "custom header" When you're there it will let you upload a picture from your computer and it will automatically put up crop lines and you'll crop the picture so it fits in the custom header. You'll be able to put text in the header if you want and then you're finished! Good luck!

Horsoon said...

Nice shot, Ettey.
BTW, there are plenty of themes in Blogspot too!

Chuck said...

OK how did that happen? You do that?? ;) neato.

don't do wordpress, otherwise, i'd jump at the chance to help.

gr8 day 2 ya *big grin with teeth*

jams o donnell said...

What a beautifl photo! Happy WW

Villager said...

Happy WW! Nature always makes for powerful photos...

I honor the legacy of Ted Kennedy on my WW meme this week.

peace, Villager

aubrey said...

beautiful, ettey! happy ww!

Simone said...

Lovely photograph.

thanks for stopping by.

Indrani said...

Unique subject... Good capture too.

Leonard said...

interesting flower!!

it do look like a grape on the flower!

happy WW!

Princess Vien said...

Very great photo! Nice job!

Mine is up now. Hit me back if you can.


Happy WW!!

Maya said...

you're shot always facinate me, you give new meaning of photography.
Happy WW.

Carver said...

What a cool shot. That's great.

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